Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Maybe for you too wasteful to not even have any savings. New beginning, wages are only a few hundred, so you can save wherever possible. But you can do some drastic action to save. Here's some simple tips you can do.

1. Eliminate the use of credit cards.

Use credit cards that are not under control will reduce the savings drastically. The majority of us are not disciplined when using credit cards and throw hundreds of dollars to pay interest and credit card financing each year. Without you realizing it, you actually can leave the money or the interest rate you pay to the banks that provide credit facilities. Not not use a credit card but the most effective way is to repay each month. But you have to pay the debt each discipline during the month, on time and spend more than the maximum limit. Make a planning: Set targets for how much you pay each month, make sure you also save money for the savings and never spend more than income.
2. Save on daily expenses.

Want to eat delicious and inexpensive restaurant style. Try to eat your planned menu before going shopping every week. Masaklah own food. Limit eating at the restaurant.

3. Separate small money.

Saying a little bit old-old became the hill. You could always put coins all over the place without thinking that if the coins are collected in a special container so the number may reach tens and hundreds of dollars. So do not look the currency of your coins. No coins, no money.

4. Looking for additional income.

Looking for side jobs to boost income, you might have a hobby that turned out to make money. This way you can increase your total savings.

Tips: Guide shoes children prefer.

For children, the shoe is not just pengalas feet but also help develop leg muscles and bones are still very sensitive. Uncomfortable shoes will reduce the child's motivation for running. Move your body muscles to be trained under the well. Effects can be seen behind the day. To get the shoes 'ideal' for children, parents hold the primary role. As a consumer you are entitled to get the best product for you and your family. If no one if you have tried many shoes as long as the value of your worth by what you get. Maybe for some people it was a bit extreme, but remember, as a user, we reserve the right to obtain a quality product and value for all our wangn out. Here's some tips you should note before the child buy a pair of shoes.


Choose shoes that cover the ankle bone, and children circled the end of shoe-shaped toes to your child's mobility and growing well. Avoid pointy shoes berhujung because it makes the legs move finger blocked. Do not give your child high-heeled shoes (girls) because it can make your child's feet tend to come. These interfere with the growth of toes.

Materials for making shoes.

Children shoes should be made of soft, flexible material, but not too soft and not too hard. The flexible skin is the right choice. Avoid shoes made of hard materials because it is risky to interfere with the development of leg bones. As a result of your child's feet do not grow well. We recommend that you do not choose the shoes are made of plastic material thereon for preventing evaporation. The interior of the shoes tend to your child's feet wet and susceptible to fungal infections.


Appropriate measure of shoes is not too narrow and not too loose. Simply make your child's foot length from heel to tip of longest finger plus a segment of an adult finger. This is important because children's feet change quickly and should be measured several times a year.

We recommend that before buying shoes, try to be around her legs before your child's shoes in your child and your child standing wear socks. Usually the left and right foot are not necessarily equal. Choose shoes that fit the larger foot size.
The interior of the shoe.

Be part of the shoe pengalas coated soft and comfortable to absorb the impact when walking or running a small hard surface.
Heel shoes.

Make sure the heel of the shoe is not too high, only a maximum of one centimeter. Make sure the materials to make shoes is made up of soft materials and soft, not hard, so easy to step on your child's feet comfortably.


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